Semi-Pac Inc. 30 years of semiconductor excellence

SeMi - Pac InC. 

   Semi-Pac Inc. founded in 1988, a silicon valley firm with headquarters in Sunnyvale, Ca.

Semi-Pac has provided semiconductor expertise to the top silicon valley firms as well as many companies around the world.

   Companies of all kinds can achieve their growth potential with Semi-Pac as a development partner. We develop a partnership that aligns with the long term needs of our clients. Offering assembly service as well as technology enhancements reducing barriers to product implementation. Clients benefit from the broad expertise gained from wide variety of projects and disciplines we have hade the pleasure of participating in.

             Space, Defense, Consumer, Industrial, Utilities, Mining, Medical and education.

    Semi-Pac has a prestigious customer list with many of the top computer firms relying on us as a critical supplier for advanced quality monitoring and process validation of wafer FABs and equipment. Qualified processes to validate technology nodes as fine as 7 nano meters.